Learning Personality Analysis
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17 March, 2018

Learning Personality Analysis
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17 March, 2018

Learning Personality Analysis
Learning Objective Guide

17 March, 2018

The Learning Objective Guide – Early Aptitude Indicator provides you with a measurement of your current indicator level of Aptitude in one of the analyzed areas. These areas are considered important for future endeavors in education, jobs and other life opportunities.

Aptitude Indicators measure your capability; ability; innate or acquired capacity, readiness or quickness in learning on a specific area. Our Early Indicators show you where your current level is today and what your capability for growth is to achieve your learning objectives and be prepared for the future needs.

Our Early Aptitude Indicator chart displays several key areas and your relative aptitudes for each area. You can see which ones are strongest for you and how far you need to go to achieve your learning objectives and be prepared. Aptitude scores between 60 and 75 (or higher) place you in strong job market and education positions of preparedness.




Video and Audio Video has quickly become the key communications aptitude for today’s and tomorrow’s multimedia world .
Charts and Diagrams Charts and Diagrams are key to blended education, technology jobs and important fields such as medical, engineering and aerospace.
Example and Simulate Examples and simulations are at the forefront of learning and training in the job market. Several fields feature simulations at the center of their future growth such as energy, agriculture, finance and automotive.
Text and Workbook Text and workbook publication is still strong and materials such as manuals will continue to play a significant role in education, technology and future jobs.
Interactive and Tech Alongside Video and Audio the growth of interactive technology and technology in general is key to the opportunities in education and future job preparation.

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